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If an agreement can be reached on terms that are reasonable and appropriate, we strongly recommend out-of-court settlements as opposed to a contested court trial. Such agreements allow the parties to make the important decisions regarding their parenting schedules, child support obligations, and division of marital assets. This is good, as they are certainly the people who have the most knowledge of these issues, and are the most affected by these decisions. Such negotiated settlements also have the major advantages of being much faster and much less expensive and acrimonious than the litigation process. The financial and emotional costs of litigation are often very high, even if the ultimate ruling of the Court is favorable. For these reasons, we work hard to help our clients minimize the expense and stress of divorce litigation by fully exploring the possibility of settlement agreements through collaborative negotiation.

That said, if the other side insists on an outcome that is unacceptable to our clients, then the litigation process will need to be pursued to obtain an order from the Court that, hopefully, results in an outcome that is appropriate, just, and consistent with the law.

We listen carefully to our clients’ explanation of their particular circumstances, objectives and reasons, so we can counsel them concerning the applicable laws that govern their rights and the legal process (including likely time frames and potential financial costs) for litigating their case. Only if clients understand the pros and cons of pursuing their various options, can they make informed decisions about how they would like to proceed. We strive to help our clients understand their options so they have a meaningful opportunity to pursue those options they believe are best. We believe if our clients understand what is happening with their case, and why, it will not only reduce their stress and uncertainty, it will also improve the results they obtain. With proper communication and counseling we work with our clients to create realistic expectations regarding their goals and how we can work together to achieve them.


Robert W. Vail is an attorney and the owner of the law firm Vail Family Law PLLC, located in Meridian, Idaho. His practice focuses on various aspects of family law including divorce, child custody, child support, modification and enforcement of court orders, paternity establishment, and adoption. Rob is also a trained mediator for family law matters and is on the Idaho Supreme Court’s list of approved child custody mediators.

Rob earned a Bachelor's degree in Family Sciences from BYU and his Juris Doctor from J. Reuben Clark Law School. After law school , Rob was employed for three years as a judicial law clerk for the Honorable Cathy R. Silak - first at the Idaho Court of Appeals, and then at the Idaho Supreme Court. In 1994, Rob began working for Howell Law Offices,  and in 1997, Rob and Michael B. Howell formed the partnership Howell & Vail, LLP. For over 25 years Rob  has focused his personal practice in the area of family law matters, including more than 20 years as a special deputy attorney for the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare handling paternity and child support matters. In addition, Rob also assisted in the firm’s extensive creditor's rights practice. In 2017, Rob  opened his own law firm, where he continues to focus his practice on helping people find effective legal solutions in all types of family law matters.

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