Court orders regarding the custody and support of minor children can and should be modified when circumstances change such that the existing order no longer makes sense. Changes in employment, income, household composition, mental or physical health, children's needs, criminal activity, drug addictions, relocating residences, and many other changes may justify a modification.  Only a judge can modify a prior order of custody and/or support. And it is important to understand that child support orders can only be modified prospectively from the month after you file a motion to modify. So delaying filing the motion can have huge consequences.

There are several legal means to enforce the terms of a custody or support order. Judgments and garnishments can be obtained to recover child support arrears. Contempt sanctions, including jail time and fines, can be imposed. State issued licenses can be suspended. If you need help getting the other party to comply with the court's orders, or you need help modifying a court order, contact Vail Family Law today to schedule a free consultation.

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